Q: Ok, that's it. i know I've already said that, and I know some other people have too, but there's no way of not being tou on that picture of Alison at the V Festival

awwww my god thank you so much!!! such a massive compliment! x

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gettin ready / drunk with the kills yo xo

Alison Mosshart of The Kills @ V Festival | Australia via pipcowleyphotography
thank u so much lil-cream-soda x x
gettin ready / drunk with the kills yo xo

jack white live at third man ⚫️🔵⚪️

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Q: hi! i was wondering about alison with her new hair was it on bbc just on the tv or do you think i can find it anywhere else ? also great blog you've got! thanks bye x

it was on bbc 4, but you’ll find it on bbc iplayer!!! episode two, ‘idols’. and thank ya, you too!!! x

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